Home Mini

Buy This @ the Google Store to insure your getting the best possible warranty options. Just Click Here To Go There!

This little sucker is worth it at only $49.99 it's a steal of a deal and makes your whole experience allot easier and way more enjoyable. With a quick Okay Google you can turn the radio on, off or raise and lower the volume as well as choose a new album. The only down side for potential buyers is that you will not be able to listen to just any song you want unless you have a paid subscription with YouTube Music. This use to be called YouTube red, but it took the new name just a few week's ago. Above you can find a short video that shows you how to fix any problem you may have with the Home Mini. Which was preformed by my 8 year old I am proud to say. You might try trouble shooting a lil first as this will erase any of the google home mini's configuration data which is stored to insure your experience is the very best.