Tech Maintenance

Just like a home or a car electronics are very expensive. They also need general maintenance and rarely need a replacement.

There are those devices that are very cheap which are known for planed obsolescence. But if you have made a an investment of both your time researching and money to buy a reputable product most manufactures will build there device to last. The two most common issues I fix are are the software of a device or the external components such as screen glass back covers commonly on cell phones. But no matter how complex the issue is I can solve it. To be honest I look forward to those rare moments I have someone bring me a issue in which I haven't either A made a video to show people how to fix, or B have encountered and resolved the issue at hand. I in addition to resolving your problem I always insure I run Diagnostics on each device and increase the performance of each one at no extra charge before returning the consumers device.

Here are some of the devices I work on.

Computers, Phones, Tablets, Servers, Routers, Modems, Smart Watches, capture cards, cameras & more

Software & Hardware Repair & improvement.

If you have experienced a simple virus or even have issues with sending email's, internet connection, turning your device on, corrupt data "blue screen of death", Then get in touch with me. There is a minimum fee of $50. Every computer, phone, router, server or electronic instrument I get will receive will be taken part and cleaned unless you request me not to. This is something most techs will try to avoid as time is money and there is nothing more time consuming then dissembling a small electronic device and the cleaning it out properly. But I am not looking for fast money I am looking for a good reputation and repetitive business referrals. I do live in Rio Hondo Texas. So if you are not in my home town; you may mail me your product.

For more info call 316-207-6303

Live Broad Casting & Video Production Set up and Configuration Services.

For those who want a professional set up with no buffering and multiple overlay's. Such as a chroma key to blend in your background of the person hosting your broadcast and be able to display multiple live videos. Insure you are ready to make a hefty investment.

If you would like to setup a consultation remember this is very costly to do professionally.For just the hardware alone it can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on what your doing. in some case's it will even exceed that amount. I have personally invested over $4,000 to set up SBD Gaming's Live streaming studio.

For more info call 316-207-6303

What Does Professional Broadcasting Consist of?

Using Green screens, capture cards, the right GPU (Graphics processing unit), CPU (Central processing unit), RAM (Random Access Memory) OBS or (Open Broadcasting Software) optional software configurations available, Encoding decoding, Microphone Camera. If your like me and take it to the next level you will also need to utilize trans-coding software so you may stream with clearty, quality and atleast 60fps to or frames per second to multiple servers at once. Then comes managing the different platforms hosting your stream such as YouTube, Facebook, Twich ect.. But this is optional and obviously more pricey.

There many other things to take into consideration such as your network for example. ISP's ( or internet service providers) will sell you a cretin Mbps or (Mega Bytes Per Second) claiming this pertains to your speed. But when it comes to network speed this is measured by your ping latency. Even tho you may be able to move up to 1 GB per second aka "Gigablast" that 1 second would be to slow for broadcasting in terms of network speed and your isp will only sell you "up to" a cretin speed as in networking speeds their is never a guaranteed speed much like a highway it will get congested from to many users so you will have to do your home work or hire me.

I broadcast live at an average ping latency of 30ms or milliseconds 1 second equally 1,000ms. So having a nice router separate from the one your ISP

provided is important. With mine I have installed a custom firmware that gives me the capability to stop ISP throttling which is done on a priority basis. Government network traffic being at the top of the list then state, county, business and finally residential. You need to insure you know what your getting into. As this is a very expensive setup and even more costly if you are paying for my services. I enjoy this very much but my time must be valued appropriately. If you are just looking for advice; then save yourself some time and view my YouTube Channel Here for a number of how to videos I have created.

Network and Hardware security.

This is a vary delicate task that will take allot of observation before I can even provide a consultation. Network security for many years has been as simple as running a LAN connection or Local Area Network Connection. But the sad truth is that is a very outdated way of doing things. The problem with that is by law you ISP has the right to view and do what ever they desire with your info. Which means one must use a VPN or Virtual private Network to ensure a peace of mind. But that's just not enough when it comes to Business grade security. There all kids of different cyber attacks that can exploit your business at both a local level and on a Network. each client will be very unique in there needs. No one company is prepared for every security breach. I will be the first to turn a client down or refer them to another company; before getting myself into a job that I can not handle. As I just don't have the time to wast trying to learn something I may not know unless your willing to pay for it. Which in that case you will find nothing short of the very best. As technology is always evolving as well as the hackers with in it. So getting the newest insight is always best. Also if you have money to pay for my education I am sure you can afford a team of my choice. None the less most cases are simple and all tho I am obviously all about simplification; it's the more complex situations I face every day to be able to provide the simplification to each consumer or viewer. So I would much rather take on those tedious task's. For this service I will first need to evaluate your need's and set up a consultation.

Web Site Development

Website Development is not a challenging task. That is when your doing the development for your self. Providing a picture perfect painting for each consumer can be overwhelming and if I do feel like it is one of those scenarios I will kindly turn down your business. To make sure things are smooth a good map and freedom for your developers is essential. Each will have there expertise and you want them to do there best. So understanding that nothing can be painted as you see it in your head is important. But knowing that this can be changed at a blink of an eye makes it worth it. First we must choose a domain name such as Then we need to choose a hosting provider. I recommend starting new websites off with the new google sites. For a consultation click here to pay the $50 fee and leave your contact info.

Before You Buy Insure You Do your Research.

I set out to simplify many of the more complex issues that your modern day devices have to offer. After being inspired back in 2017. I created my YouTube channel which focuses on how to videos. As I strive to take money from the bigger corporations that pay for advertising. instead taking money from my local community for fixing issues I could simply show them how to do. So I thought of the most difficult thing I could do and put it on YouTube. My goal was to display how authenticity to my viewers that I was a good source of information when it comes to hardware and software. So below is a video of Samsung's & Verizon's Security which is also enforced by the FCC or federal trade commission's Security being bypassed. So people could install a better operating system on there phone; which in addition I install a custom ROM custom firmware and a custom recovery. more commonly thought of as everything you see on the screen of your phone lol!