Wireless Download Speed

Wi-Fi and LTE

At the point when speed is the only thing that is important!

Say "bye-bye" to buffering. Thanks to LTE acceleration to 1.2 Gbps, you will download rapidly and observe live streams easily.

*Actual speed may fluctuate by nation or carrier.

S9... more than a speed demon?

Customers choosing Telstra to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ may find an HD movie on their phones in approximately 10 seconds.

Telstra has announced that the new Samsung handsets will be the first to support Cat.18 4G LTE, a variation of the regular 4G. The fastest widely available NBN plan is 100 Mbps, making Cat.18 LTE up to 12-times faster. It achieves the speeds by aggregating six carrier components in a single stream.

The Galaxy S9/S9+ will lead the Samsung range of phones in 2018 and look similar to last year’s S8; but with a number of refinements and enhancements. WhistleOut’s, Alex Choros, writes (after playing with the new S9), “The Galaxy S9 will immediately feel familiar to anyone who's used the Galaxy S8; the phones are almost identical in terms of build, but why fix what's not broken?”

Key to the S9 story is a leap forward in camera technology, where Samsung engineers have managed to squeeze a variable aperture lens into a Smartphone. This should give the new phones a serious leg-up on its competitors... especially when shooting photos and videos in low-light.

Both the S/S9+ have nice, big batteries inside, so the hope is that they can keep the screens on for longer than a single day.

That said, it should still result in a much faster data experience compared with other phones in the market.

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