I had not become very active as a Google Local Guide until september of this year 2018. Just 2 months later my photos and Google Maps had brought 500,000 viewers valuable insight. The big perk for businesses with this program isn't the amount of viewers you get. It's the amount of consumers you impact. As a Google Local Guide you have the opportunity to answer new consumer's questions on other businesses in your local area. Which will leave an impact on more valuable customers. Customers that do there research and save you time during your interaction with them. At first you may not win them over but the more you appear the bigger probability consumers start to build interest in your Google Business . This is huge for me as this is the first step to getting your consumers to come to you. Rather than chasing them.

When you take pictures as a google local guide you are more likely to receive question from places you have taken photos of and any businesses surrounding that location. With that in mind you can target the consumers which you would direct to your local business and/or website.

The next step is urgency in whatever it is that your offering. In my case I am technician that specializes computer and phone repair. I can fix just about any issues a common consumer would have. But I can't overwhelm consumers with to much information. So I take into consideration what the general consumer that I am targeting wants to see in my business. Which is simplicity as technical work is very complexed. This is no different from any other business. Even if you own a local bakery every client that views your store will be more probable to make a purchase if you can deliver what they want in fewer steps. How do you do this?

#1 presentation

Creating ads with creative content to create urgency. This is usually done with good thumbnails or cover photos and short titles that get straight to the point.

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#2 Communication

Consumers need to find it very easy to access any information they may need to help with their decision making process. So be sure to be very descriptive wit anything you are selling or services you may offer.


Make sure your payment method provided is trusted, quick to access in every page or store they may access. Also maximizing your verity of payment methods for the customer is obviously going to maximize your sales.

The last thing you should take into consideration is that most purchases made online, are done after an average of 17.3 visits to each store. So there should always be good evidence that gives a consumer that piece of mind they need to invest in you. In my industry I use Videos showing successful repairs on almost every well known electronic devices. Allot people may think that it will result in a loss of revenue as your consumer may fix there device on their own. Well your right some will do it there self. But you must ask yourself if you do not show them who will? In today's world the consumers who will do it their self are low on income most of the time. So your not only increasing the odds of obtaining higher end clientele. You also create a opportunity to affiliate yourself with businesses who will pay for advertising as well as commission to any sales made threw your valuable videos that contain links to any affiliates you may have. Which is my preferred method of income. As after you establish enough traffic there's no need to deal with the hassle of individual transactions. You can simply sit back and get paid producing the content you desire. instead of trying to satisfy the desire of each consumer you encounter.

Below You Can Find some of the contributions I have made on google maps. I will be the first to admit I am not the best local guid out there. I am simply a young entrepreneur who has a vision of retiring by: providing simplicity to society. Which collaboration and consistency will be the key.

The revenue will be generated from credible affiliates paying for the Viewers who trust my opinion.