Samsung Knox

Square the terrible folks at each layer.

Shield your delicate information from prying eyes with the security of Samsung Knox. It's incorporated with the telephone from the chip up to make the Galaxy S9/S9+ secure deep.

Astute Scan

Security that knows you any place.

Access your telephone effortlessly and rapidly with advantageous innovation. Your telephone can distinguish you in splendid daylight, low light, or regardless of whether you are wearing shades.

* Image reenacted for illustrative purposes.

* Accuracy of Intelligent Scan may contrast contingent upon encompassing conditions.

Open with a look, a tap, an example, or a PIN. There's an extensive variety of alternatives you can use to keep your telephone bolt-tight until the point that you need it.

Samsung Is officially stearing away from googles Android operating system. I recived this email from Samsung Business Today. To be honest I am glad there will be some competition for google now.... lol that sounds so funny I really don't think Samsung will ever be any competition for google'e mass line up of phones and apps. As one of the things google strives for is to provide software for the average Joe that had previously cost way to much for the public. Which got them the support they needed from developers across the globe. So when you think of the leader in sales "Samsung" for their notorious galaxy line up which was designed around Google's android OS. Maintaining that spot as #1 in sales. You have to take into account allot more than design and speed. Google has there hand in literally more phone manufacturers pockets then they have competitors. Also one thing consumers don't realize is that allot of the big phone companies are either owned by google. Or are becoming apart of the new quit carrier on the rise Project Fi. This is also owned by google Samsung on the other hand doesn't have much to offer other than a few good applications. Google on the other according to Wikipedia last year had over 349 applications with 1 million + downloads. So none the less Samsung has put there self's in a position were there fighting to survive in this battle to be the best. What I want to know is why? they claim it's because of security issues with the android OS but google has far more developers then Samsung and they have there own android management for business program which you can obtain for $10 a month. In addition you get programs that replace office 360, Web developer host called New Sites which I am using now to build my page and unlimited storage for your web page and all your photo's Videos and any other programs you want to save to your google drive.