S9 Memorey

Samsung's Galaxy S9/S9+ are about photography, from the bigger model's double focal point camera to the low-light movable opening on the two device's essential cameras.

Yet, every one of those brilliant pictures and recordings will undoubtedly suck up huge amounts of space on your new device.

On the Galaxy S9, Samsung did not knock up from the base... stockpiling from the Galaxy S8. The most recent models offer 64 GB of space. In any case, both the S9/S9+ have micro SD openings to extend existing memory and add up to 400 GB. That implies you can offload all the low-light show shots and video cuts your heart wants to a supersized micro SD card.

The two phones are accessible for pre-order March 2 and hit stores on March 16. Look at our hands-on impressions of the Galaxy S9/S9+ on March 13th and stay tuned for our full audit, experimentation, and over-all "good time" we are going to have with this awesome techy dream.

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Expandable memory

Forget what it’s like to run out of space.

When you need more storage for all those photos and files, simply insert a microSD card for up to 400GB of total storage on your device.